Charlie 2012-04-08: In The Spirit Of Easter!

It’s Easter madness at our house, as Easter has come early in the household … we’re thrilled to say the least. We made the decision in this past week to adopt Charlie and make him an official member of our family … :-) . Who couldn’t resist falling head over heals in love with the little guy? He’s like our very own Easter bunny mascot! … but one that will be staying on for all the Easters in his lifetime.

Who’s got the biggest ears??

In case you needed another angle … :-)

 Now Mom has big ears!!

What do you suppose is in Mom’s hand?

It’s a treat! Yum …

Happy Easter everyone from all of us at the household!!

One thought on “Charlie 2012-04-08: In The Spirit Of Easter!

  1. Aww Olga, thanks so much for helping this little guy! It’s always heartbreaking when this happens, but it’s always good to know that in a lot of cases it can be fixed!

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