Charlie 2012-04-07: Fast Forward To Today

Charlie’s progress has been absolutely amazing to watch. The forgiving nature of dogs never ceases to amaze me and Charlie is no exception … I’m so proud of him :-) . I’m glad to say that he returned from his neutering relatively unscathed but spent the first couple of days determined to yank out the single stitch in his nether regions, which kept me on constant guard – nothing quite like sleeping with one eye open LOL! At one stage I fitted an E-Collar, but it distressed him so much that I removed it and resorted to the manual ‘eyeballing’ route.

Bruno with his student Charlie

So Charlie experienced his first couple of weeks with us with wide eyed wonder and a whole heap load of hiccuping insecurity as he learnt new social skills, developed some manners, wormed his way into the hearts of two very spoilt brat-fur-kids, picked up 6kgs (growth and overall condition) and generally started really enjoying life. Bruno quickly became his mentor with Charlie copying a lot of his mannerisms … some good … and some bad!

In fact I’d say Bruno has taken his mentorship role a little too seriously and has gone to great pains in teaching Charlie about the fine delicacy of eating cat poop, how to maximise your space on mom & dad’s bed and the “stealth maneuver” to avoid going out in the rain at all costs … even if it means toileting in the lounge whilst no one is looking. So I guess its safe to say that it hasn’t all been plain sailing and I’ve had to develop eyes at the back of my head, but all things considered Charlie is being a very easy puppy.

Foster brotherly love – awwww ….

… and tomorrow is Easter! We have a little surprise for you :-) … can’t wait!






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