Charlie 2012-01-28: Learning The Ropes

Charlie’s first night with us went surprisingly well, considering he was only 5 months old, it was a new environment with 2 new foster siblings who still weren’t too sure who this stranger in their midst was.

Having a puppy again in the house after so many years was a bit of an adjustment – lots of toilet breaks. Luckily my job was made easier by Kira and Bruno who were eager to teach their underling a  thing or two, like sitting quietly before their supper is put down and peeing quickly when asked to ‘pee-pee’ so that play-time could ensue. Charlie, being a bright boy, was a quick study and soon caught on.

Learning to wait quietly and patiently for supper with foster brother Bruno.

Putting their plates down for supper was a bit of challenge, as I had to make it clear to Boomerang Boy Charlie that diving into foster sister Kira’s plate and then foster brother Bruno’s would be potentially life threatening and just plain rude!

What had become clear through the day is that Charlie hadn’t been taught anything during his time with the other family. In fact he didn’t even know his name. The saddest part was that his reactions told us that he had been beaten, rather severely and most often by the man of the house. To see a puppy cower and collapse in a quivering heap with a simple verbal reprimand is just gut wrenching. When my husband first witnessed it that evening, he scooped Charlie up in his arms and just held him close whilst soothing him. Charlie’s reaction was to nip and mock bite at his hands in initial panic, until he realised that no one was going to hurt him and that he was safe.

We made it through the night with no toilet “accidents” and absolutely no interruptions. Boomerang Boy Charlie had slept soundly through the night. The breakfast round the next morning went a little easier than the supper round the night before. Before I let the cats out, I had Charlie burn off some energy in the garden.

Well rested and full of energy!Kira having fun with her new buddy, but not sharing her tennis ball! Notice our Boomerang Boy Charlie sporting a new collar.Kira still not sharing her tennis ball despite Boomerang Boy Charlie’s cute little dance.Giving up? … or tired?

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