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Was I Not Good Enough? … What Did I Do Wrong?

In the last few months at the animal rescue organisation we volunteer at Aniwell, there have been a number of dogs returned. The first one being Charlie, but more recently there have been 2 others who are now in back foster care. With this in mind I thought I’d share this with you..

Charlie – Nov 2011


My family brought me home one day,

All cradled in their arms.

They cuddled me and smiled at me

And praised me for my puppy charms.


They played with me and pampered me

And showered me with toys.

With all that fun and laughter

There was so much to enjoy.


The children used to feed me,

They gave me special treats

I even got to sleep with them,

All cuddled in their sheets.


I used to get their laughs and praise

When playing with that old shoe

But did not know the difference

Between that and a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.


The kids and I would grab old socks

And for hours we would tug,

Didn’t I do the right thing

When I chewed the Persian rug?

Charlie – January 2012 (back with us in foster care)


They said that I was boisterous

And I had grown far too big

Suddenly I was banished outside

And the boredom made me dig


The walks grew less and less

They said they hadn’t the time

I wish I could have changed things

But didn’t know my crime.


They returned me to the shelter

My spirit broken and my eyes asking why

They mumbled a bunch of excuses

And then suddenly kissed me goodbye.


~ by PetPickings.com ~

Dedicated to all the animals who find themselves being returned to shelters around the country and around the world. Charlie has found his “fur-ever” home with us at PetPickings.com, however Digit his brother and friend Muppet (pictured above) are still looking for their second chance. Email adoptions@aniwell.org.za for more information if you think you can offer Digit and / or Muppet a happily-ever-after ending to their story.

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