“We’re Just Pit Bulls” ~ by Savana Frame ~

We’re just pit bulls
misunderstood at best,
and we can be good dogs
just like all the rest.

Sometimes I catch them lookin’ at me,
like there was something wrong.
How long can they hum the tune
of that same worn out song?

If you’d give me the chance,
you could scratch behind my ear.
Then maybe you wouldn’t need
to go about spreading your fear.

It takes a human to teach us,
and guide us on our way.
Take the time to show us,
the right way to play.

I’m not sure why people fear us,
I think the key is within their heart.
Maybe they are the broken ones,
and they know how to play their part.

They go on rants about hating us,
and say we are too dangrous for the kids.
It makes you really wonder,
is there a brain under their lid?

If you keep doing what you’ve always done,
well, you always get what you’ve got.
We’re just saying give us a chance,
and that’s not asking a lot.

written by : Savana Frame

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