The True Nature Of The Pit Bull Terrier

A Pit Bull is very strong, courageous and powerful dog that is also very compassionate and soft. Known for their intelligence and intense loyalty Pit Bull Terriers make excellent, loving and protective companions despite the unfair press they receive worldwide.

As with any other large dog breed, they require early socialisation (normally 8 weeks of age) in a puppy class and proper training through positive reinforcement in a dog school environment. A Pit Bull is social, fearless and always up for a challenge which makes it a great dog for training and sports. So whilst they may be more of a challenge to live with than say a Golden Retriever or Maltese Poodle, they make wonderful pets in a loving family environment.

Families that understand the personality and drive behind terrier breeds and are looking for an active family pet, will love and appreciate the Pit Bull in their home – a breed that is also referred to as the “nanny dog” due to their incredible patience and good nature with children.

The true nature of a Pit Bull is not what is portrayed in the media. It is an affectionate and loving pet who deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.

Watch this beautiful tribute to Daddy who was Cesar Millan’s first Pit Bull and one of the greatest ambassadors for the Pit Bull breed of all time.

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2 thoughts on “The True Nature Of The Pit Bull Terrier

  1. Love pitbulls! We had two growing up (at separate times) and they were two of the most amazing loving animals! It makes me so angry when ignorant people talk of what poor pets they are, they are only pets when the owners do a poor job of raising them! Thanks for getting the word out there how fantastic pitbulls are!

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