Blog Launch!

Welcome to the new Blog!

I’m excited about being able to start sharing a whole host of useful information with you pertaining to pets, their joys and challenges through this blog. This is an extension of our existing Facebook Page through which we have already started to share the progress of our ecommerce website, run a competition to find a name for our dog, shared updates and general information.

Whether you share your home with dogs, cats, birds, fish or horses the Blog is where you will find valuable information to gain new insights into the needs, wants and minds of your pets!

The Team

Our aim is to help you and your pets live better and more productive lives. The e-commerce website promises to be the funkiest pet product company on the market providing a broad range of quality products, free valuable information to registered users, loyalty discounts and more! Want to know when will be launching? We will keep you up to date on the progress of the website and expected launch date through this blog and our Facebook Page.

We’re looking forward to sharing our stories, experiences, video clips and progress updates with you. We’re also looking forward to hearing from you, as your opinion is important to us!

Fond regards,

Olga & The Team

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